Calm before the Storm 2/3/16

I had frequent flyer Gary and his brother-in-law Jeff on the boat, Wednesday.  We decided to hit the water early to get in some sight fishing before the winds picked up too much. By the time I arrived at the ramp, it was already time for plan b, the wind was already blowing across the flats! So instead of jig heads and Grand Slam Baits paddle tails, I switched over to 3/0 Daiichi circle hooks and we left the ramp.

At the first spot of the day, we casted out one live bait and one cut bait. It did not take Gary long and he landed what would turn out to be the largest fish of the day, a 26.75 inch redfish 8lbs 6oz.


After clearing the lines Gary threw out another cut bait and Jeff tossed another live bait into the same area.  After about 2 minutes Gary landed another nice redfish.


After that it was easy to tell that cut bait was the answer.  The guys switched over to cut bait and both caught redfish.  We rounded out the trip by landing some nice flounder while fishing a creek also.


One thought on “Calm before the Storm 2/3/16

  1. I had a great time with Capt. Jim on 2 fishing trips. The second trip was as good as it gets. I recomend if you are thinking of a fishing trip, you can’t get a better captain than Jim.


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