Alphabet Spot 2/27/16

When Ashleigh and her father got on the boat she was already talking about how she was going to name all the fish she caught in alphabetic order. Randall immediately asked what she planned on doing after “z”?!

Nothing like starting a trip with a little pressure!

About ten minutes into fishing Ashleigh already had two fish. This was “Bert”.20160227_093320

We made a small move to another spot and had a fish break us off on the first cast.  The spot was good to us after that though. The pair of anglers caught sheepshead, trout, and redfish. Most of the fish were lower slot or short fish. However, after catching “Yanni”, Ashleigh hooked into a nice fish. Meet “Zeke”.20160227_100346

Mission accomplished – we made it through the alphabet and even caught a few more.

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