Great Morning! 2/6/18

Wow! I can not believe how many great opportunities, to share fishing experiences, that I neglected to blog about last year. Well this trip has fueled the fire and I will be sharing many more this year.

Tuesday morning, I had the pleasure of sharing the water with Mark. This was our second trip out during his vacation in Flagler Beach. and we were greeted first thing by perfect conditions.

20180206_072356It only got better from there. After searching for less then ten minutes we saw a group of redfish feeding. We had a school of about 25 reds within casting distance. Mark caught one almost right away.20180206_074442He then proceeded to boat 3 more fish within 20 minutes. We easily landed ten fish in the first hour. This was turning into a morning to remember!20180206_085955After catching so many fish that we lost count, Mark landed a nice oversized redfish also. I sure am blessed to have great clients to share the water with. I can not wait to get back out there and do it again soon.20180206_092540

2 thoughts on “Great Morning! 2/6/18

  1. Jim
    I had a great time last year fishing with you. My friend John and I want to go out again with you. We will both be down there for one week together. I We will be there the 25 of Jan.untii the following Saturday.. i will schedule a trip with just myself going like last time. I will be down there until Feb. 23


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