What a way to end the month!


On March 31st, I took Nick sr, Madelyn, Nick jr, and Ethan out for a morning charter. Ethan (8 years old) caught the fish of the trip, a 32.5 inch 15 lb. redfish! This was his first redfish! There were plenty of fish caught by all. Nick jr is taking partial credit for the fish since it was his ladyfish that we cut up for bait.

That afternoon, I had the pleasure of assisting another youngster with her first redfish ever, also.2016-03-31 20.55.14

Jacqueline (10 years old) was so excited to get this one in the boat. We were fishing around a lot of oysters and the previous 3 fish cut the line. Her first redfish came in at 27 inches and a little over 7 pounds.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to be able to help families make these lifelong memories! Hopefully these kids will be sending me pictures of their new personal record fish.

Better than coffee! 3/29/16

What a way to start a trip,20160329_074237

As my clients were getting out of their vehicle, I was in the parking lot trying to rush them to the boat.  I told them that I knew where some fish were that would provide us with instant action.  Bryan and his uncle Derek were in the boat for just a few minutes and they already had several doubles on Jack Crevalle. After the 6th double, Bryan said he was expecting a school of small fish when I told him we were going to catch right away.20160329_072800

After catching a few more, he looked at his uncle and said, “this is better than a cup of coffee”!

After a fun start with the jacks, we moved on to some redfish. The guys did really well with those also20160329_093541

Derek scored first with a nice 26 inch fish! Not to be out done, Bryan’s first redfish ever was a 29 inch brute!20160329_094726


A man named Bass! 2/22/16

As Michael Bass and I were idling out of the no wake zone from the boat ramp, he was explaining to me how he has had a goal of catching redfish for over ten years.  After trying unsuccessfully for 10 years worth of vacations he decided to hire a guide. Well this was his result, within 20 minutes of launch, not a bad “first” redfish.20160222_074209

We had slick conditions and a cooperative school all to ourselves.  He sight fished 4 of these beauties using a 4 inch Grandslam Baits paddle tail on a 1/4 ounce Slayer jig head.

Eventually the wind came up and the fish became harder to spot.  We moved on to fishing with blue crab for bait. These guys showed up for a snack.20160222_113024

I think Michael is sold on hiring a local professional to take him fishing when he travels!

Alphabet Spot 2/27/16

When Ashleigh and her father got on the boat she was already talking about how she was going to name all the fish she caught in alphabetic order. Randall immediately asked what she planned on doing after “z”?!

Nothing like starting a trip with a little pressure!

About ten minutes into fishing Ashleigh already had two fish. This was “Bert”.20160227_093320

We made a small move to another spot and had a fish break us off on the first cast.  The spot was good to us after that though. The pair of anglers caught sheepshead, trout, and redfish. Most of the fish were lower slot or short fish. However, after catching “Yanni”, Ashleigh hooked into a nice fish. Meet “Zeke”.20160227_100346

Mission accomplished – we made it through the alphabet and even caught a few more.